Release Notes 8/29 - 9/11/19


  • Decline notification – Added the ability to send a different message template based on the decline salvage attempt. (i.e; Attempt 1 = Message 1, Attempt 2 = Message 2)
  • API – We added the ability to pass a custom shipping charge with the order. This will override the Shipping amount configured to the shipping profile. The Shipping Charge will always be preserved unless the shipping method is changed. A change to the shipping method will remove the custom charge and will take the amount configured to the new shipping method.
  • Account Updater - Enhanced account updater to allow orders to be resent to check for card updates. After the batch has been received following an unsuccessful update, the card is eligible to be resent check for updates.



  • NewOrderCardOnFile – Updated this method to work with Square when the CC number and CVV are not present
  •  Updated the Insureship integration to reflect a new endpoint
  • Braintree Issue – address updates were not working – they are now fixed
  • Prospect Page refresh issue – changes made to the prospect were only updating the list view when the page was refreshed
  • Subscription Forecast Manager showing 0.00 as the forecasted amount - fixed
  • Next subscription product price not accounting for preserve price – this has been corrected and the preserve price is now displayed
  • FlexPay 'hold type' was reverting to generic system hold.  Now it is using the correct hold type for decline salvage
  • Hold type missing when stopping subscription through refund – hold type is now updated when refund or partial refund is processed and subscription is stopped
  • Payment Router emails failing to send– Email Notifications for Payment Routing thresholds were going out intermittently.  This issue has been resolved – now emails will go out every day that the threshold has been met or exceeded
  • TaxJar Quantity miscalculation has been adjusted