Release Notes 8/12/19 - 8/29/19



  • MaroPost is now compatible with cloud based accounts
  • Paypal Payments now has the ability to submit upsells and rebills.  Paypal needs to be contacted directly to have this configured on the account. 
  • Place Order page - when a payment type other then Mastercard is selected and ‘Consent Required’  is selected, a message will pop asking “Are you sure you want to require consent ? 
  • Ability to assign Sales Tax profiles to multiple campaigns
  • Added ability to control custom field permissions by API user
  • SSO users - Added the ability for Admins to view/edit campaign permissions per group 
  • Postbacks - added tokens to support custom fields
  • We are now integrated with eMercury Autoresponder
  • We are now storing the original gateway id and the reprocess attempt number to enable us to get more granular processing reports in analytics
  • The API for order_view now also has the hold_type so that the hold reason is known (Customer, merchant, and System)
  • Email Templates - ability to configure a separate end of trial template for delay charge



  • IpPay -  Fixed - unable to update customers billing address.
  • Segments - Fixed - Error - Unable to Run
  • Payon/ Open Payment Platform - Special character issue causing declines - fixed
  • Payment Router - Monthly Recurring Forecast display issue - fixed
  • Forecasted Revenue showing as $0 on the Payment Routing monthly scheduled forecast has been fixed.
  • Advanced search in Subscription Management bar character limit has been increased.
  • Cancellation notification emails were being sent when an order is placed on ‘Hold’ by decline manager. This has been fixed.
  • NMI Void issue resolved
  • Order Update allows the user to set billing and shipping states to non US states if ‘US’ is selected.
  • IP lookups are now showing the correct geolocation