Release Notes 5/9/19 - 5/15/19

Feature Release:

  • MasterCard Compliance - To help you remain compliant with the MasterCard regulations, we’ve added a ‘Post-Alert Days’ (After Rebill Date) configuration option to the Consent Notification email template.  This will automatically resend the consent notification after the rebill date has passed if consent has not been received.



  • Subscription credits can now be removed from a customer’s subscription. In the case that a subscription credit was added by mistake or is no longer valid, the credit balance can be completely removed from the customer’s subscription.


  • The Member API calls have been updated to allow a member to be created for a prospect record.  Note: If you utilize this API method, you may need to make code changes. API Documentation: Navigate to API > Members.
  • The order_update API call now allows a token to be passed in place of the credit card number. If you utilize this API method, you may need to make code changes. Refer to API Documentation: Navigate to API > Orders.


  • Auto-Responder functionality has been updated to now allow customers to be subscribed to more than one Auto-Responder list based on the campaign configurations.


  • A new ‘Is Pinless Debit?’  filter has been added to the Chargeback Representment dashboard.


  • Removed the duplicated page header from the Customer details page.