Release Notes 5/2/19 - 5/8/19

Feature Releases:

  • MasterCard Compliance - In an ongoing effort to help you remain in compliance with the MasterCard regulations, ‘Customer Service Email’ and ‘Customer Service Mail From’ fields have been added to the gateway provider profile in the Merchant Account Details tab. If populated these fields will override the SMTP profile configurations for outgoing notifications to customers.
  • LimeLight Terms and conditions link has been added to the standard platform login and my.limelight portal login pages.



  • The Shipping Confirmation Email Trigger now allows you to select if you want the Shipping notification to be sent on initial orders, subscription orders, or all orders.
  • Order history notes have been updated for the order_update API to now return the Userid of the API user that performed the order update.


  • 3D Verify has been added to the PayCertify gateway.
  • AUD,NGN and PEN currencies have been added the Stripe Connect gateway.


  • Return Count and Return Rate have been added as new measures to the Traffic Source Quality dashboard.
  • Campaign ID has been added as a new filter to the Account Updater dashboard.


  • Updated the NewOrderCardOnFile API call to properly apply shipping for an order created with a shippable main product and an unshippable upsell product.
  • Extended BIN blocking to prevent blocked BINs from being sent to Transaction Select & Kount.
  • Resolved issue with duplicate MemberMouse profiles being created.
  • Resolved issue on Custom Recurring Offers with a trial causing the wrong Next Recurring date to be applied to an order.
  • Resolved issue causing prospects with a UK IP Address to be created with the wrong country.
  • Resolved issue causing the wrong amount to be sent for KRW on the NMI gateway.
  • Resolved issue causing a 3D Secure redirect to return a white screen.
  • Resolved issue with the 3D redirect engine causing the order history note not to be recorded when the final capture fails.