Release Notes 4/18/19 - 4/25/19

Feature Release:

  • MasterCard Compliance - LimeLight is committed to our clients and are here to help you navigate the new Mastercard Compliance changes taking effect on 04/12/19. Please refer to this help center article for details on how you can use LimeLight to remain compliant or to get the recording of our recent webinar. In our continuing effort to help you remain compliant we have made some updates to the platform this week.
    • Bugfix for consent_required=0 not being respected.
    • A new Website field has been added to the Orders details. This field will display the website passed to LimeLight in any of the NewOrder calls.



  • Seamlessly switch a customer’s current subscription to a new offer! You now have the flexibility to change an offer mid-subscription without having to place a new order.
  • Updated Subscription Management to allow force next gateway on recurring upsell products of straight sale orders.


  • A new drill has been added for the CLTV measure on the Order Analysis dashboard that has "campaign" as a dimension.
  • Revenue from CSR Orders has been added as a new column to the Key Measures Customer Service Analytic dashboard. 


  • Resolved an issue causing the token {tpl_product_base_cost} to return blank.
  • Resolved an issue causing the PostBack tokens {product_skus_csv} & {product_names_csv} to return blank.
  • Resolved an issue where Orders that were being blocked by BIN profiles were still attempting tokenization for PaySafe only.
  • Resolved issue with non-renewing Pre-Paid Offers being created with the wrong next recurring product
  • Resolved an issue with the Bill by Schedule billing model that prevented the date selection of the next scheduled date.
  • Resolved an issue preventing FlexPay from being able to override the Cascade Preservation.
  • Resolved an issue with the Klaviyo integration that caused Prospects and customer data to not be passed.
  • Updated the Analytics permission rules to stop the dashboards from disappearing.
  • Added address value truncation > 60 characters for to prevent gateway declines for character limits being met.