Creating a Custom Domain For Funnels - BETA

Creating a Custom Domain For Funnels - BETA


To find out if you are a good fit for our Beta program, contact or directly reach out to your CS Rep for details.

1. Access the Campaign Settings menu on your funnel and select Connect a Domain Name.



2. If you have already set a domain within our funnel builder, you can click the arrow and select one. Otherwise, click Add Another Domain Name.



3. Once you select a domain, you will be asked to choose between a domain with or without content.

  • With content: you will be prompted to choose a subdomain.
  • Without content: you will be taken the page with a library of step by step instructions for hosting sites.


4. Select the company you use to host your domain and you will be shown step by step instructions on properly mapping the domain.





NOTE: If you have already published your funnel prior to adding a custom domain, you MUST republish for the change to take affect