Editing Your Funnel - BETA

To find out if you are a good fit for our Beta program, contact clientsuccess@limelightcrm.com or directly reach out to your CS Rep for details.

  1. Give your funnel and the first page a name. Click on ‘Start’ to begin editing the pageQuickFunnels_03.png

  2. Select the link name ‘Templates’ in the left navigation to choose a template for your template. We have pre-built page templates that you can choose from. You can click on and preview multiple templates before selecting one. When you’ve decided on which template to use, click “Use This Template”.QuickFunnels_04.png

  3. Start editing the page to make it your own.
    Easily build and edit pages in your funnel. You don’t need to have coding skills to edit and make changes on your pages. Simply drag and drop page elements onto the page. And if you want to make customizations, every page element can be adjusted through its own easy to use property settings.
    2. MOVE
    4. ADD
    5. DELETE
      NOTE: refer to this help article for details on how to edit the page elements

  4. Preview - When you're working on a page and making customization, you can preview the page the page before publishing it.


  5. Setup SEO criteria - This is where you can set up what the search results will show when someone uses a search engine to find your page.
  6. Connect your page to a CampaignId
    NOTE: this setting will display on a page that does not have a payment field configured


  7. Configure your Payment Settings - payment settings are needed to ensure your funnel is posting orders to your LimeLight account appropriately. If you skip this step, your payment button on the funnel will not submit correctly.
    NOTE: 'Payment Settings' will only display on the page if you have a credit card field on the page

    1. TRIAL - click the QuickFunnels_07.png icon and select, 'Process as a Trial' to pass the trial flag for this product during a purchase.
    2. STEP NUMBER - click the QuickFunnels_07.png icon and select, 'Set the Funnel Step Number' to explicitly define upsells. Refer to this article for best practices tracking upsells.
    3. PICTURE - click the QuickFunnels_07.png icon and select, 'Set the Product's Picture' to associate an image to the product record.
    1. Choose Campaign - list of active campaigns from your LimeLight account
    2. Pick Offer - list of Offers you have associated to the Campaign you selected in step 1. 
    3. Billing Methods - select 1 or many billing models you want to display to your customers.
    4. Choose Product(s) - select 1 or many products you want to configure to your Funnel. What ever products are selected on this page will be the product(s) purchased at the time of checkout

  8. Publish your page
    1. Set a HOME page
    2. Publish page changes - the publish button applies any changes you’ve made on page and makes those changes available on the live version of the page


    3. Publish funnel changes - will publish all changes made across any page.

      NOTE: you MUST republish your funnel anytime you make a change for it to take affect