Getting Started - BETA

To find out if you are a good fit for our Beta program, contact or directly reach out to your CS Rep for details.

  1. Contact your client success rep to have QuickFunnels turned on in your account.
  2. Click menu item “Products → Funnels”
    NOTE: make sure to enable pop-ups in your browser. Clicking the 'Funnels' link will attempt to open a new tab
  3. Select “Create A New Campaign”


  4. Select a Campaign Template
    1. Search for a campaign template. Type in a keyword or filter templates by skill or goal. To learn more about how the campaign works, click the “Details” button.
    2. User the Filters to help narrow the list of funnels


  5. Click 'Launch" to start working on your new funnel

Check out this help center article for additional details on setting up your funnel.