Decline Manager


Review the key measurements in your Decline management activities and identify adjustments to help maximize your efforts.

Potential Actions 

Use the Decline Manager dashboard to:

  1. Make smarter decisions and evaluate decline management performance.

Data Elements & Measures

The following data elements and measures are shown on the Decline Manager dashboard. For comprehensive definitions of data elements and measures, please reference the Glossary of Measures

Data Element / Measure Definition
Orders Attempted Numbers orders attempted through decline manager
Salvaged Revenue Income from salvaged revenue for the specified subscription cycle (e.g., Initial, Rebill, Cycle 2)
Success % by Revenue Revenue Salvaged / Revenue Attempted
Net Benefit Total Net revenue gained from orders saved through salvage. Formula = Salvaged Revenue - MID Processing Fee
Orders Approved Numbers orders approved through decline manager
Salvage Discount Discount (predefined in the platform by attempt) on salvaged orders
Success % by Original Orders Percentage of approved orders that previously declined and were approved through decline salvage
Merchant Processing Fees Per transaction variable fee total charged for processing based on gateway configuration
Orders Total number of approved transactions
Gross Revenue Total revenue generated by sales. Refunds, discounts, and expenses are not deducted from Gross Revenue
Active Subscriptions # Total number of active subscription that you have per campaign during the selected date range
Cancel # Orders that have been manually canceled in the system during your selected date range.
Declined Orders Orders attempted through the decline manager
Declined Transactions (Salvaged) Count of Declines which went to the Decline Salvage process
Salvaged Orders Successful orders from the decline salvage process
Decline Manager Success Rate Number of Orders through Decline Salvage / Number of Attempts through Decline Salvage
Chargeback # (From Salvaged) Count of orders that have been charged back after first being salvaged
Chargeback Lost Rev Gross Revenue lost as a result of chargebacks only. Note: The benefits of representment is not reflected in the Chargeback Lost Revenue calculation.
Merchant Processing Total Total amount (variable and fixed) charged for processing based on gateway configuration
Salvaged Revenue Income from salvaged revenue for the specified subscription cycle (e.g., Initial, Rebill, Cycle 2)
Net Profit Net Revenue (Gross Revenue minus Refunds and Chargebacks) minus all expense items including Taxes. This is the bottom line amount of money made. Formula = Gross Revenue - (Total Expenses + Taxes + Refunds + COGS)


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