Paysafe NMI Merchant Migration

Paysafe Group is shutting down the operations of any Meritus gateway still processing transactions this Friday, February 1, 2019. As part of this process, all NMI gateways connected to Paysafe must be migrated to the new NMI Paysafe Processing Continuity gateway by this Friday, February 1, 2019.


  • The Customer Vault must be enabled within the NMI Paysafe terminal for this profile to properly function, per compliance. If you don’t see a Customer Vault option in your terminal, then contact your reseller so they can make the Customer Vault accessible to you.
  • A Vendor ID (TPP unique token) will now be passed to Paysafe, recognizing LimeLight as the CRM vendor for your merchant accounts, per compliance.




1. Enable the Customer Vault in your NMI Paysafe terminal

(Ensure the Customer Vault is enabled within your NMI Paysafe terminal for each of those merchant accounts. If you have any additional set up question, please contact NMI.)

  • a.  Log into NMI and have ‘Customer Vault’ enabled on their back-end
  • b.  Click ‘Settings’ link



  • c.  Click ‘User Account’


  • d.  Edit/Create the API Username


  • e. Select the ‘Access the Customer Vault’ check box and then click ‘Update’



NEED HELP? Our team is here to lend assistance:

  1. Send a list of the gateway IDs you want to switch from any existing NMI gateways and its white labels (LimeLight 2.0, LimeLight 1.0, among others) connected to Paysafe to Please include in the email:
    • Your LimeLight domain name
    • A list of the Gateway IDs you want to be moved
  2. We’ll execute the transfer for you for all gateway IDs you provide. The gateway ID will remain the same and all your configurations against the existing gateway will remain after we convert it to the new gateway profile type. This will significantly reduce the time spent on migrating existing merchant accounts for your team. We’ll then help with any auditing thereafter if you need any support.