Customer Service


The purpose of the Customer Service dashboard is provide you a tool to use to monitor and compare the key metrics of each of your customer service staff. The data points and measurements that this dashboard keys in on include total orders entered by each Customer Service Representative (CSR), returns, chargebacks, cancelations and more.

Potential Actions 

Use the Customer Service dashboard to:

  1. Analyze Customer Service Agent performance
  2. Identify areas for training opportunities

Data Elements & Measures

The following data elements and measures are shown on the Customer Service dashboard. For comprehensive definitions of data elements and measures, please reference the Glossary of Measures

Data Element / Measure Definition
CSR Orders Orders created by a CSR agent.
CSR Orders % of Total Orders Percentage of orders created by a CSR Vs total orders.
Refunded Rev % Percentage of revenue refunded.
Count Login Count of logins to the platform.
Count Avg Logins per Day Average number of times user has logged into the platform per day.
Orders Total number of approved transactions.
Return # Quantity of shipments returned.
RMAs Return Merchandise Authorization: Captured through a flag in the platform.
Chargeback # Count of orders that have been marked or flagged as chargeback.
Refund % Refund # ÷ Total Orders
Reprocess # Count of orders that were manually reprocessed.
AOV Average Order Value -- Revenue ÷ Order #
Total Rebill Discount Discount applied when a subscription successfully rebills if a discount was configured within platform.
Total Retry Discount Discount applied when a subscription successfully salvages if a discount was configured within platform.
Login Count Number of times an agent logged into the platform.
Chargeback Lost Rev Gross Revenue lost as a result of chargebacks only. Note: The benefits of representment is not reflected in the Chargeback Lost Revenue calculation.
Cancel # Orders that have been manually canceled in the system during your selected date range.
Cancelled % Percentage of orders that have been manually canceled in the system.
CLTV Customer Lifetime Value is the profit a business makes from any given customer (often referred to as LTV or CLV). The purpose of the CLTV measure is to assess the financial value of each customer. The formula is Gross Profit ÷ Unique Initial Customers, where Gross Profit = Gross Revenue - COGS.


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