Key Measure Summary


The Key Measure Summary dashboard is designed to be a daily report accessed through your mobile device to gain quick insights into key measures impacting your business.

Potential Actions 

Use the Key Measure Summary dashboard to:

  1. Compare orders, new subscriptions, chargebacks, refunds and number of customers today versus yesterday.
  2. Compare orders, Gross Revenue, AOV, Chargeback percentage, Fraud percentage, Refunded Revenue percentage, Step 2 Take Rate and more in the current month to the previous month.

Data Elements & Measures

The following data elements and measures are shown on the Key Measure Summary dashboard. For comprehensive definitions of data elements and measures, please reference the Glossary of Measures

Data Element / Measure Definition
Orders Total number of approved transactions
New Subscriptions New recurring orders
Chargeback # Count of orders that have been marked or flagged as chargeback
Void/Refund # Orders that have been voided, fully refunded, and partially refunded
Customers # Quantity of customers
Gross Revenue Total revenue generated by sales. Refunds, discounts, and expenses are not deducted from Gross Revenue
AOV Average Order Value -- Revenue / Order #
Chargeback % Percentage of orders that have been marked or flagged as chargeback
Fraud % The percentage of orders marked as fraud. This includes orders that have manually been marked as fraud and orders caught by risk mitigation providers such as Kount.
Refunded Rev % Percentage of revenue refunded
Step 2 Take Rate Percentage of orders that have one or more subsequent orders (placed at the same time). Formula = Step 2 order count / Initial Order Note: You must explicitly define/configure step 2's in order for Analytics to perform the calculation.
Rebill Rate Percentage of Initial Orders (cycle 0) that convert to a Rebill (Cycle 1) order. Formula = (Rebill Orders - Card on File Rebills) ÷ Initial Orders Note: Note: See "Card on File" definition in this glossary if you do now understand what it is.
Cycle 2 Rate Retention rate of subscriptions from Rebill to Cycle 2 (billing depth 2). Formula = (Cycle 2 Orders - Voids) ÷ (Rebill Orders - Voids)
Cycle 3+ Rate Retention rate of subscriptions from Cycle 2 to Cycle 3+ (billing depth 3+). Formula = Cycle 3+ Total Orders ÷ Cycle 3+ Total Transactions
Active Subscriptions # Total number of active subscription that you have per campaign during the selected date range
In-Trial Cancel % Percentage of cancellations during the trial period
CLTV Customer Lifetime Value is the profit a business makes from any given customer (often referred to as LTV or CLV). The purpose of the CLTV measure is to assess the financial value of each customer. The formula is Gross Profit ÷ Unique Initial Customers, where Gross Profit = Gross Revenue - COGS.


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