2018 Key Benchmarks


Gain valuable insight into how your data compares with aggregated industry data. This can be used to set meaningful targets, gain industry insights, and find out how you match up to similar businesses. 

Potential Actions 

Use the 2018 Key Benchmarks dashboard to:

  1. Set metric targets/goals for your company to achieve.
  2. Measure your company against the aggregated performance of LimeLight clients.

Data Elements & Measures

The following data elements and measures are shown on the 2018 Key Benchmarks dashboard. For comprehensive definitions of data elements and measures, please reference the Glossary of Measures

Data Element / Measure Definition
Day 0 Cancel Rate Cancelation on the same day as purchase
In-Trial Cancel % Percentage of cancellations during the trial period
Decline % Percentage of declined orders out of the total unique attempted. Formula = Decline Transactions ÷ Gross Transactions
CLTV Customer Lifetime Value is the profit a business makes from any given customer (often referred to as LTV or CLV). The purpose of the CLTV measure is to assess the financial value of each customer. The formula is Gross Profit ÷ Unique Initial Customers, where Gross Profit = Gross Revenue - COGS.
Churn Rate Lost Unique Customers ÷ Starting Unique Customers
Rebill Rate Percentage of Initial Orders (cycle 0) that convert to a Rebill (Cycle 1) order.
Refund % Refund # ÷ Total Orders


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