Getting Started with WordPress


Get started building your WordPress website from the beginning. In just a few steps you can have a WordPress website ready to be customized and connected to your LimeLight platform! 

1. Determine your domain and web hosting

In order to set up your WordPress website you are going to need:

  • A domain name ( a web address like
  • Hosting ( a service that connects your site to the internet)

WordPress itself is free.  There are several domain name and hosting options out there. You can find free options, but you will give up some flexibility, for example your domain name will probably have to contain the host name (like  Otherwise you can choose one of the paid options for a small monthly fee, generally around $3 - $7 dollars.


Our recommendation is - sign up is simple, they offer a 1-Click WordPress Install, and they are currently offering a domain name for free. For the purposes of the rest of this article we will be using bluehost.


Check out this article on the 10 best WordPress hosting services


2. Set up your domain and web hosting

Once you have decided on a hosting service, you will need to sign up and register your domain.

Through Bluehost:

1. Select your plan

2.Pick your domain name

  • If you already have a domain name, then enter it in the "I have a domain name" box.

3. Fill in your personal information

4. Select your package information

5. Select any package extras

6. Enter your payment information

7. Choose a password

8. Login to the Bluehost Portal

9. 'Start Building' your WordPress site


3. Select & Install a Theme

By default your WordPress site will come with the default WordPress themes installed and one of them will be active. You have two options for a theme:

Option 1: You can search for WordPress approved themes. Search for a premium theme by clicking ‘Premium Themes’ or search for a free theme by clicking ‘ Themes.’ For our recommended list of themes that work well with the LimeLight Storefront plugin, check out this article.

Option 2: You can upload a custom theme that you have created or purchased. To upload a custom theme .zip file that is not in the WordPress approved theme list, click Appearance, click Add New theme > Upload Theme > Choose File > Select .zip file > Install Now

Once the file is successfully installed, click Activate.  You are now able to customize your installed theme.


We have created a LimeLight theme that you can use.  It is a custom theme, so if you choose to use it please follow the steps outlined above to upload the theme.

Download the LimeLight Custom theme available in the file at the bottom of this page.


4. Install the LimeLight Storefront Plugin

From Bluehost you can immediately start building your WordPress site and connect it to your LimeLight platform. Click Plugins on the left panel > Add New > search for “LimeLight Storefront” > Click Install Now > Activate



Upon successful activation, a menu item is created on the left panel called LimeLight Storefront.  Within the LimeLight Storefront menu will be several sub-menus to help you link your LimeLight platform to the Storefront.



5. Configure your LimeLight Storefront

For full information on configuring the LimeLight Storefront plugin and building out your store please see this article


6. Launch your site

Once you have completed your LimeLight Storefront setup & theme customization you are ready for the world to see your site!