Upgrade Current Stripe Profile To Stripe Connect Gateway

You can now upgrade your regular Stripe gateway profile right from the LimeLight platform!  All you will need is your current Stripe terminal login credentials.


Connect offers a more secure and enhanced experience for your customers. Stripe Connect also includes 3D Secure and Capture on Shipment functionality.

1. Upgrade to Stripe Connect

To upgrade your current Stripe Gateway profile to a Stripe Connect gateway into your LimeLight platform, you will go to Settings > Providers and search for the Stripe gateway profile that you want to upgrade.  Click on the profile Name link >  click the ‘UPGRADE TO STRIPE CONNECT’ button. From there you will be redirected to the Stripe terminal login > Sign in to your account.

2. Connect LimeLight to your Stripe Account

From there you will be redirected to the Stripe terminal to sign up or sign in > Sign in to your account.



Once your credentials are validated you will need to click ‘Connect my Stripe Account’



Once your gateway profile has been upgraded and your Stripe account is connected, you will automatically be brought back to the LimeLight platform and your gateway profile will automatically be updated to a Stripe Connect profile with the new Stripe Connect credentials.


Connecting more than one Stripe Account

If you are upgrading more that one Stripe account in one session please be sure to log out of your Stripe terminal between each upgrade so that you are able to select the account you want to connect, or login to Stripe with different credentials.


If you do not log out of the Stripe terminal before you upgrade the next the authorization will happen automatically and you will not have a chance to change the account first.


To switch accounts to authorize select the account from the ‘Switch Account’ before clicking the Connect my Stripe account button