Configuring Stripe Connect

Stripe Connect offers a more secure and enhanced experience for your customers. Stripe Connect also includes 3D Secure and Capture on Shipment functionality. Sign up is simple and can be completed right from your LimeLight platform.  


Configuring Stripe Connect

To configure the Stripe Connect Gateway into your LimeLight platform, you will go to Settings > Providers and click on the Actions drop-down arrow and select "Add New Provider Profile".  Click on "Payment" as the provider type and then select Stripe Connect from the Provider drop-down list. You will then need to fill out the required parameters.


These parameters are briefly described here for your reference:



Gateway Alias: Name that you will assign to the gateway. This is for internal purposes only; it helps you identify a specific gateway account among several of them in your CRM.

Account ID: There is no need to populate this field, it will automatically be populated once you’ve granted access to your Stripe Connect account.

Currency: The Stripe Connect Gateway currently supports USD, CAD, EUR and GBP currencies.

Test Mode: Set to YES if you would like to use this gateway in Test Mode.


Once you save your gateway profile you will automatically be redirected to the LimeLight/Stripe account sign up page.  If you already have a Stripe account, then you will need to login to authorize LimeLight.


Create Your Stripe Connect Account

If you do not already have an account with Stripe, you will need to fill out the account activation form. You will need to provide your full business details and your personal information, including the last four of your SSN and your date of birth.


Note: An individual or sole proprietor must activate their own account. If you’re trying to activate this account on behalf of someone else, please invite them to become the account owner and complete the activation themselves.


The final step is to authorize LimeLight access to your Stripe Connect account.


Authorize LimeLight on Your Stripe Connect Account

If you already have a Stripe account, then you just need to login and grant access to LimeLight.