Scheduling Reports & Dashboards

You can easily schedule Reports and Dashboards to be sent daily through email. 

Steps to Schedule a Report or Dashboard

  1. Go to the the desired Report or Dashboard that you want to schedule.

  2. Click the gear icon on the right side of the page.

  3. Select "Schedule..."

  4. Choose your desired options.

    1. Give your schedule a name.

    2. Who Should be emailed to? If you want to include a custom message, check the box and type your custom message in the optional text box that appears when you check the box that indicates "Include a custom message.."

    3. Format data as...
      1. PDF
      2. PDF (Single Column)
      3. Visualization (Tiled)
      4. Visualization (Single Column)
      5. CSV Zip file

    4. Deliver this schedule...
      1. Daily
        1. Everyday
        2. On weekdays only
        3. On specific days of the week...
          1. Choose the day(s) desired
      2. Weekly
        1. Monday
        2. Tuesday
        3. Wednesday
        4. Thursday
        5. Friday
        6. Saturday 
        7. Sunday
      3. Monthly
        1. Every month
        2. At the start of every quarter
        3. In specific months...
          1. Choose the month(s) and days desired
      4. Hourly
        1. 1 hour
        2. 2 hours
        3. 3 hours
        4. 4 hours
        5. 6 hours
        6. 8 hours
        7. 12 hours
      5. By Minute
        1. 5 minutes
        2. 10 minutes
        3. 15 minutes
        4. 20 minutes
        5. 30 minutes

    5. Filters...
      1. Select the desired date and data filtering options. Please note that if the desired Report or Dashboard does not included the desired filter option (i.e., Vertical), the filtering option will be ignored.

    6. Advanced Options... Select the custom time zone that you desire. The scheduled Report or Dashboard will be sent with the selected time zone configuration.

  5. Click "Send Test" if you desire to see a test before you save the schedule report. The test will go to the email address on the account that you're logged in as.

  6. Click "Save All" when you have the scheduled set as desired.

Steps to Edit a Scheduled Report or Dashboard

  1. Go to the report/dashboard that you want to edit the schedule for.
  2. Click the gear icon on the right side of the page.

  3. Select "Schedule..."

  4. Modify the desired options.