Add Billing Models

After you have created your products, you will then move on to configure your billing models. 

To add a new billing model, you will need to navigate to Offers & Campaigns > Billing Models, and select "Add" from the 'Actions' drop-down menu. From there you will need to configure your billing model as illustrated below:




Subscription Type

Select the subscription type for your product. The following subscription types are available:


Bill by cycle: This selection will allow you to set the Days to Next Billing in which choose the number of days until the next recurring product is billed. 

For example, if your initial product bills on day 1,and it rebills to the next recurring product on day 15, then enter 15 in this days to next billing field.

On the other hand, if you are setting the days to next billing for your day 15 rebill product in which the customer will be billed for the next recurring product again in 30 days, then enter 30 in this field.


Bill by date: This selection will allow you to set the Billing Date in which you choose the calendar day in which the next recurring product is billed.

For example, if you want your subscription to bill on the 15th day of every month, then enter 15 in the billing date field.

Also, if you set a billing date for the 28th, 29th, 30th or 31st of the month, and there is month that does not include one of those dates, then the customer would be billed on the last calendar day of the month.   


Bill by day: This selection will allow you to set the Billing Day in which you choose a specified day when the next recurring product is billed.

For example, if you want your subscription to bill on the first Friday of every month, then you would select “First” then “Friday” in the billing day fields.


Max Discount

In this field, you can set the maximum amount of rebill discount percentage that can be given within the order details for this product. The default setting of 0% will allow the maximum discount of 99% to be applied within the order details.  


Preserve Recurring Quantity

If you create a product that is set to recur on itself, then the preserve recurring quantity field will populate. This is where you can select whether or not you want the product to keep recurring at the same quantity number as the initial purchase of the product. If you select “No” in this field, then all future recurring orders for the product will recur at the default quantity of “1”.




By default there will be a billing model configured as "Straight Sale".  You would use this as your billing model if your product is not recurring.  This will automatically be set as your default billing model unless you configure additional billing models and set one of those as your default.




Once you have configured your billing models, you can then move on to configure your Offers

 NOTE: If the order is created via API, and the billing model Id is NOT passed, we will assume the default billing model.