Provider Setup

You now have the ability to assign your third party providers to your campaigns at a mass level.  This is a very convenient way for you to assign providers to your campaigns at either a single or mass level.  The third party providers available to add are Data Verification providers, Membership providers, Prospect providers, Tax providers, Collection providers, Account Updater, and Call Confirmation providers.

To assign a third party provider to your campaigns, you will first click on the ‘plug’ symbol and a new window will populate requesting you to select your campaign(s).  You have the option to either select the campaigns from the list, or enter in a CSV list of campaign Id’s.

You now also have the option to set a default profile for your Campaigns.  To do this, you will just check the 'Set to Campaign Default' icon next to edit.  When selecting this box, you are making that provider profile the main provider profile for all of your NEW campaigns.  After making the provider your default provider, you can add any new campaigns, and that provider will already be added.  Please keep in mind that this is NOT for existing campaigns.

From the Manage Campaigns screen, you have the ability to view or edit all of your Campaign Defaults. Please see below:


*Note*Please keep in mind that if you are assigning providers to campaigns by entering the CSV list, you MUST click ‘Select’ after entering in the campaign Id’s and then click ‘Save’ in order for your changes to take effect.




After you have selected your campaigns, you will click ‘ Save’ and a new window will populate advising that the profile was successful, or if the campaign you selected currently has a different provider assigned, it will prompt you to select a new campaign or overwrite the current setting.  If your assignment was successful, you will be provided with the option to be redirected to your Campaigns page where you can then view your changes.




Once you have assigned your third party provider from this page, the update will automatically take effect in the campaigns you selected.

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