Creating a Coupon Profile

A coupon profile will allow you to create discount promo codes that can be applied to shipping and products.  In order to setup a coupon profile, you will need to go to Payment >Coupon Profiles, then choose add coupon. The following provides a description of the fields within a coupon profile:


Name: Assign a name to your coupon profile.

Description: Provide a brief description of the coupon profile you are creating.

Free Shipping: Select “yes” if you desire apply free shipping to your profile.

Discount Type: Select between a dollar or percentage for your profile

Discount Behavior: Select whether you want to discount every product within the order, amount off the order total, or amount off shipping total.

Minimum Purchase: This is the lowest order total amount a purchase can be in order to be eligible for a discount.

Expiration Date: This is the date your promo code expires, and you are able to set the appropriate time zone for your expiration date. 

Number of Uses: This allows you to set the number of uses for your promo code. Once your promo codes reaches the set number of uses, then the promo code will no longer be valid. 

Usage per Customer: This allows you to set the amount of usage per each customer for your promo code. Once the customer has reached the set usage, then the promo code will no longer be valid.  

Enable: Select “yes” to activate, or “no” to deactivate your coupon profile. 


*Once your coupon profile is created, you will need to assign it to your corresponding campaigns.



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