Verifi’s Customer Service Data Pull


The Verifi platform requires Customer Service data to support various services. If a physical product is shipped, the shipping details (shipping date, tracking number, etc.) are also provided via the Customer Service Data Pull.  The reason Verifi wants this data is to be able to manage chargebacks with greater success by having a direct data pull with order history information logged through Lime Light CRM.


This data is managed and stored by Lime Light CRM. Verifi supports receiving this Customer Service data through an API based request/response. Lime Light CRM & Verifi have made the entire process easy and automated between both of our platforms.


Configuring Verifi’s Customer Service Data Pull

Lime Light CRM clients must give Verifi two items when you are to configure the data pull web service:

1.    Your Lime Light CRM domain name

2.    The unique Verifi Data Pull username and password which can be retrieved if you go to Admin Settings> API Accounts. The credentials will be located under Third Party Accounts on the API Accounts page.



Verifi will plug those variables into the following URL example, and please notice that this IS NOT the same as your login URL:


{CUSTOMERID} is the customer you are querying against.

Verifi will be returned ALL order history information to help them with the orders under dispute.

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