Verifi's Activity Export (VAE)


The Verifi platform distributes the Verifi Activity Export (VAE) on a predetermined basis for those clients that have requested activation of the VAE services directly with Verifi. The Verifi Activity Export (VAE) provides the client with the details of consumer, financial, and Verifi activity that has occurred outside of Lime Light CRM.

Lime Light CRM will import these events into your system via Secure FTP (FTPS – FTP over SSL) connection to manage the consumer status within Lime Light CRM, these are key from a customer relationship management perspective. Lime Light CRM & Verifi have made the entire process easy and automated between both of our platforms.


Export Types: 

  • Verifi Initiated Refunds: Contains refunds/credits which were initiated by Verifi's staff or the Verifi platform outside of the client’s billing platform or CRM. Clients utilize this export to update their platform with refunding activity due to retrieval or CDRN activity for example.
  • Chargeback and Retrieval Export: Contains all retrieval requests and chargebacks received by Verifi from the client's merchant account providers. Clients utilize this export to update their CRM platform with customer dispute activity received through the standard dispute process from their merchant account provider.
  • Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network (CDRN) Export: Contains all CDRN requests received by Verifi from Issuers participating in the CDRN program. Clients utilize this export to update their customer records and cancel customers where appropriate. This export also helps the merchant avoid attempting to issue a credit since the CDRN request for credit has already been received.
  • Cancellation Export: Contains all cancellation transactions processed by Verifi. Clients utilize this to update their system records of customer cancellation requests received directly by Verifi. The majority of "cancellations" received in this export are cancellations due to a chargeback, retrieval or CDRN request being received.


Based on the transaction type and status that Verifi provides Lime Light CRM, through the Verifi Activity Export (VAE), Lime Light CRM will automatically take the necessary actions within the system to provide full transparency to the client.


Configuring Verifi Activity Export (VAE)

Batch Files are transmitted to our processing platform through a Secure FTP (FTPS – FTP over SSL) connection. Please contact a Verifi representative to enable your account for Secure FTP and provide you with connectivity details.

1.    First: Go to employee settings and enable proper access to this section to those employees managing the Verifi Activity Export.


2.    Go to Payment Systems and click on "Chargeback Providers":



3.    Verifi VAE chargeback management utility is currently the only chargeback provider integrated in our system.  Click on Add Chargeback Provider button to get a popup:



4.     Next, enter your unique username and password for the Verifi VAE chargeback management utility and click "Save":



5.    Finally, assign the chargeback provider account to all campaigns you want to process with the Verifi VAE chargeback management utility. This must be done under the campaign configuration:



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