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MemberMouse: Untether your Marketing with the Most Powerful Membership Platform

MemberMouse is a powerful, scalable membership platform designed specifically for marketing best practices that optimize signing up new members, increasing member retention, stopping members from cancelling, and upselling members with new products and services.

And with MemberMouse's deep integration with Lime Light CRM, you don't have to change any of your sales process. MemberMouse and Lime Light teamed up to build a custom 2-way integration between our tools to provide a seamless and fully customizable process including member registration & 1-click buy links.    

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Contact: MemberMouse
Phone: 512-630-2219


RetentionPoint: RetentionPoint is an online customer portal that automates customer service and uses save sale technology to keep subscribers from canceling. RetentionPoint is integrated with Lime Light CRM so that you can: Decrease Customer Service Costs, Increase Customer Lifetime Revenue, and Decrease Chargebacks.

Address: 3815 Garrott St. Suite 202 Houston, TX 77006 USA
Contact: Lucas Siegel
Phone: 303-518-9765



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