Affiliate Tracking System Providers

Adapp Solutions: creates high-end white-label applications that empower online advertising companies to be more successful. One of our products is HasOffers, which is an innovative solution for creating and managing your own affiliate network; first software that gives you total control, with powerful technology, complete customization, and no startup costs or monthly fees.

Contact: Matt Herzog - Business Development
2220 Western Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121
206-508-1318 x 1009


AdsBridge: AdsBridge is a next generation tracker and landing page builder. Our most favorite features are: 1. Automatic campaign optimization. 2. Ability to use your own landing pages or create new ones with the help of best converted templates hosted on AdsBridge. 3. Ability to use up to 6 tokens while distributing your traffic. 4. Unlimited custom redirect domains. 5. Multi-user access and roles.

Address: Room 2&3, Office B 12/F, Heng Shan Centre 145, Queens Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Contact: Phil Leman - Business Developer
Phone: +38091 900 73 55
Skype: phill.leman


Cake Marketing: is a real time tracking and analytics platform providing advertisers, publishers and lead generators a scalable and accurate platform. With both publishing and lead delivery capabilities, Cake is a full service solution, with built in fraud management tools, full API integrations, extensive features, and unparalleled free 24/7 customer.

Contact: Brittany Edmonston - Marketing Associate
Address: 2244 Pacific Coast Highway STE 250, Newport Beach, CA 92663
Phone: 949-548-CAKE (2253)
Fax: 949-515-2122
Twitter: @cakemark


DirectTrack: One of the most powerful, accurate and feature-rich web-based affiliate marketing and tracking solutions. Re-engineered to power the global affiliate marketplace, we deliver cutting edge functionality, from best of breed scalability, mobile ad serving and next generation APIs, to our exclusive ad-sharing portal, integrated PPC functionality and certified-accurate hybrid tracking methodology.

Toll Free: 866-773-4460


HitPath: We are dedicated to providing the most reliable stats in the industry. We offer adaptable flexibility with hardware architecture that adjusts to your growing business, and 24/7/365 customer support. We are a reliable company trusted by Industry leaders for our built in comprehensive fraud protection solutions.

Contact: Natasha Gebbia – Sales Engineer
Toll Free:


LinkTrust Systems Inc: Has been hailed as one of the most accurate and flexible advertising platforms in the industry. Because of this reputation, personalized support and highly trained and friendly staff, LinkTrust® maintains over 95% customer retention and satisfaction from its clients. We are one of the largest and fastest growing tracking platforms providers in the industry.

Contact: Jeremy Coon - Director of Sales
801-331-6945 x 1105