Configuring FraudLogic

In order to assist with mitigating risk to your business, Lime Light CRM has integrated with  FraudLogic to protect your business against fraudulent transactions.

Once you have your account set up with them, you will go to Payment >Risk Mitigation Providers and select FraudLogic from the Risk Mitigation Providers drop down menu. Click on “Add Risk Mitigation Provider” and fill out the parameters for FraudLogic.

These parameters are briefly described here for your reference:

Processor Id: This will be provided to you by FraudLogic.

Strict Mode: Select whether or not you want FraudLogic warnings to be considered as fraudulent transactions. If you select “Yes”, then all FraudLogic warnings will be declined.  

Alias: This is the name that you will assign to your anti-fraud provider. It is for internal purposes only; it helps you identify a specific provider account among several accounts in your CRM.



After you have configured your FraudLogic  account into your CRM, you will assign it at the campaign level.  This means that it will not be automatically enabled on all your campaigns; instead, you will assign it to those campaigns that you choose to assign the anti-fraud protection to.

If you are creating a new or editing an existing campaign, you will select FraudLogic by its “alias” from the drop down menu under the Anti-Fraud Providers field, at the time of creating or editing the campaign as shown below.


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