Overview of Decline Reasons

This report will provide you with a breakdown of decline reasons by Gateway Id within your CRM.

In order to view this report, go to Reports>Decline Reason. Please notice that you can click on the down arrow in the search bar to view advanced searching options. Advanced Searching allows you to search for decline reasons by date range, user Id, and name.  To provide you with more flexibility with your data, please notice that you will have the option to export the CSV file if you need to.


All: This will show a list of all decline reasons whether the decline is from an initial order, or from a subscription order. 

Initial: This will show list of decline reasons from initial order attempts, and the initial order attempts may come from new customers on their initial decline attempt or from existing customers who decline initially on a new campaign.   

Subscription:  This will show list of decline reasons from subscription orders, and the subscription orders come from existing customers who decline on existing campaigns in which they had a previous successful order.

If you click on the counts under the all, initial, and subscription columns, you will be provided with the order Id(s) associated with a specific decline reason for a particular gateway Id.



The Decline Reasons Report also provides you a breakdown of the decline reasons brought to you by each affiliate. You just have to click the Affiliate Id Link under a particular decline reason, and the system will open up a new window with a full report by affiliate.

The following provides an illustration of the Affiliate Id report:



From the affiliate report, you can then access the sub-affiliate report by clicking on the Sub-Affiliate ID Link under the Affiliate ID report. This report will show you the decline reasons that came through the sub-affiliates under a particular affiliate.

The following provides an illustration of the Sub-Affiliate Id report:





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