Overview of Sales Report by Prospects

The Sales Report by Prospects provides you the total number of prospects, initial customers, the conversion rate, and the average revenue per order at the campaign level, based on the date range you select.

The first step in pulling this report will be to click on the down arrow in the search bar to view advanced searching options. Advanced Searching allows you to select the date range criteria for your report. Also, you are able to select a currency if your merchant processing involves multiple currencies.  To provide you with more flexibility with your data, please notice that you will have the option to export the CSV file if you need to.



Please keep in mind that the Sales Report by Prospects is intended to provide you with details of overall conversion; therefore, it does not take in consideration numbers such as refunds, voids, holds, among others, and it may vary from other reports which do take in consideration refunds, voids, and others, to provide you with final revenue.



The first column contains the Campaign Name and ID.

The second column provides you the total of new Prospects acquired under a specific campaign. Prospects are those customers who did not finish the order processing, as well as those who got declined without any success.

The third column provides you the total of Initial Customers acquired under a specific campaign. Customers are those whose orders went through successfully in your system.

The fourth column indicates the Conversion Rate, which is based on the total number of prospects that opted into your offer (new customers plus new prospects) and how many of these actually placed successful orders and converted into active customers. For example, if campaign XYZ had a total of 127 prospects, but only 39 converted into active customers; therefore, the conversion rate was 30.71%.

The fifth columns indicates the Gross Revenue, which is revenue from your initial customers during your selected date range. Also, amounts that have been refunded will be included in the gross revenue amount.

The sixth column indicates the Average Revenue amount per order under each campaign. For example, if campaign ABC total new orders revenue is $895.44, and the total new orders is 56, then the average revenue per order for campaign ABC is $15.99.

The last row provides you the grand totals based on your campaigns all together.


Affiliate Breakdown

The Sales Report by Prospects also provides you a breakdown of how many prospects were brought to you by each affiliate. You just have to click the Aff Link Affiliate ID under a particular campaign and the system will open up a new window with a full report by affiliate.

The illustration below provides an example taken from Advanced Routing Product LB Test (7):



From the affiliate report, you can access the sub-affiliate report by just clicking on the Aff Link Sub ID under an Affiliate ID. This report will show you how many orders came through the sub-affiliates under a particular affiliate.

For this example, we have taken affiliatexyz1 from the previous illustration:


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