Server IP Addresses

The server IP addresses are used if you're using an integrated third party provider with the Lime Light CRM who requires a whitelist of our server IPs. If your provider requires a whitelist of our IP addresses, then provide them with the following lists:

Outbound IP Addresses as of 9/23/2016 (connections originating from Lime Light CRM to the provider will have one of these IP addresses):

Inbound IP Addresses as of 8/2/2017 (connections you or a third party make TO Lime Light CRM API or user interface - e.g. - please add all the IP addresses below:

Load Balancer - A Group

Load Balancer - B Group

Load Balancer - C Group

Load Balancer - Analytics Group


NOTE: It is possible the Inbound IP Addresses may occasionally change due to technology constraints within AWS load balancing service.

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