Overview of Manage Campaigns

Manage Campaigns will display a list of the campaigns that you have created and gives you the flexibility to apply several actions to them. These actions include editing and disabling campaigns, among others.

For campaigns that you have already created, you can search for them by Id, Name, Description, or a list of Id’s by entering the search criteria in the search field. The system will automatically populate the results for you once the search criteria is entered.   



Manage Campaign Features:

Add Campaign: This feature allows you to create a new campaign.

Edit: This allows you to edit your campaign.

Copy: This allows you make an identical copy of your campaign.

Disable Campaign: In order to disable a campaign, click on “Disable Campaign” from the features menu.

This feature will stop any new orders coming in from the Web-forms, the APIs, and the Imports; also it will take the campaign off the Place an Order page in your CRM to prevent any new orders placed from the CRM. However, it will not affect any existing orders or active recurring orders within that campaign.

Enable Campaign: This feature is only displayed if the campaign was previously disabled. It allows you to reactivate a disabled campaign, and it will allow the campaign to become visible again on the Place Order Page within the Lime Light CRM.

Archive: This feature will allow you to archive campaigns that you don't want shown.  You will click the show/hide button to show or hide the archived campaigns.

Delete Campaign: This feature allows you to delete the campaign as long as there are no orders associated with the campaign.




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