Overview of Gateway Providers

To select the Payment Gateway Provider that you would like to assign to your campaigns, go to Payment Systems and click on “Gateway Providers”. Afterwards, click on “Add Gateway Provider” in order to configure a provider into your CRM.


From the drop down select box, select your gateway provider from the list of available gateway providers that are currently integrated with the Lime Light CRM. However, keep in mind that we can always customize your account by adding a new gateway provider as long as they have an API available, and meet the necessary requirements to be integrated into our system.

Each gateway provider requires certain parameters to be submitted into our system in order to enable their API within the Lime Light CRM. Most of these parameters will be provided to you by the Payment Gateway Provider except for the Alias.

The Alias is for internal purposes only, and it is just a name that you assign to each gateway configuration in your system; it will help you to differentiate one gateway provider among multiple gateway providers that you may have configured within the Lime Light CRM.



At this time, the Lime Light CRM has the capability to support up to 6 different currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, and ZAR. However, these will be available to you depending upon your gateway.

Furthermore, the fees and descriptors are what is charged or provided by your gateway/processor. We do not validate those fields in any way against what your gateway/processor has; it is strictly for your reference within the CRM. The illustration below describes the fees and descriptors needed for each gateway configuration. The fees and descriptors fields should match what is shown within the configuration of your gateway and/or processor.

Descriptor: The billing descriptor is what appears on a customer’s credit card statement. The descriptor should match what is used by your processor.

Customer Service Number: The customer service number that appears with the descriptor, and it should match what is used by your processor.

Global Monthly Cap: The total monthly revenue limit allowed for the gateway, and an amount is required in this field in order to create a load balance profile.

Transaction Fee: The fee that is charged by your gateway for each transaction.

Chargeback Fee:  The fee that is charged by your processor for chargebacks.

Processing Percent: The percent that is charged by your processor for transactions.

Reserve Percent: The reserve percentage from the processor, if any.



You will need to assign the payment gateways at the campaign level; therefore, you will have the flexibility to work with multiple gateway providers, and assign different gateway providers to different campaigns based on your preference.

Among the many payment gateways in the Lime Light CRM, you will notice the “Dry Run Testing Gateway”. This gateway is intended to be used for testing purposes only. For more information about this testing gateway, please go to Dry Run Testing Gateway.

If you need to submit a custom request to add a new Payment Gateway Provider to your account, please feel free to send your inquiry to support@limelightcrm.com ,and we will follow up with you.

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