Appending Affiliate / Sub-Affiliate ID Data

Lime Light CRM supports appending affiliate and sub-affiliate id data to your web forms and order id level, which will be included when generating reports. To do this, you must first know what fields you are going to use with your affiliate tracking system which will append the field names and id’s to your landing page URL.


Available Field Names:

Affiliate ID Fields

Sub-Affiliate ID Fields




C1, C2, C3




In most cases you will only be using a single affiliate id & sub-affiliate id field name for all of your campaigns; this does vary based on your affiliate tracking system. We are currently setup to support Linktrust, HasOffers, Cake Marketing, HitPath & Direct Track’s data field names.


You will need to make sure your affiliate tracking system is appending these field names and data to your landing page URL. As long as you are appending the data to your landing page URL where your web forms are being hosted at, Lime Light CRM will capture the data and pass it into our database and sales process.


Optional Field: click_id

The click_id is used by certain affiliate tracking systems to identify unique sales/requests. If you are using the Post Back URL feature from your campaign and you want to pass this field to your affiliate tracking system, then please make sure to append this field to your landing page URL included with your affiliate and sub-affiliate data.



Sample URL With Appending Linktrust Affiliate Data Fields (same tokens can be used for HasOffers and Cake Marketing as well):



Sample URL With Appending HitPath Affiliate Data Fields:



Sample URL With Appending Direct Track Affiliate Data Fields: