Configuring ShipWorks Fulfillment

If you are choosing ShipWorks Fulfillment, you can activate this automated fulfillment technology in your CRM at any time. ShipWorks Fulfillment integrates with the Lime Light CRM in order to automate your fulfillment processes in-house. 

In order to do this you just need to go to Clients & Fulfillment > Fulfillment Providers and select ShipWorks from the drop down menu. Click on "Add Fulfillment Provider" and fill out the following parameters to Configure ShipWorks:

  • Delay Hours – Specify if you would like to delay our system from pushing the orders to your fulfillment center for an “X” amount of hours. This would allow you to review the orders before they get sent out to the fulfillment provider.
  • Combine Similar Addresses - This field allows you to set whether or not you want orders with identical shipping addresses to be combined in one order and sent to the fulfillment provider. 
  • Alias- For internal purposes only to help you organize among multiple fulfillment profiles within your CRM

Once your fulfillment provider profile has been created, then you will go through your campaigns and assign the fulfillment provider to the corresponding campaign(s).


Next, you will need to go to Admin Settings > API Accounts, and retrieve the username and password for ShipWorks under Third Party API Accounts. This username and password will be used for the setup within the ShipWorks console. To access the Third Party API credentials, you will need to select the drop-down arrow next to 'Actions' and select Third Party API credentials.


Once in the ShipWorks console, you will need to click on Stores under the Manage menu; just follow the prompts to setup your database.  





After you click Add Store, you will need to select Lime Light CRM as the platform as shown in the illustration below:





When you reach the Store Setup prompt as shown in the illustration below, this is where you will enter the username and password that was retrieved under Admin Settings>API Accounts in the Lime Light CRM.  




Once your database setup is complete, you can click on the download option under the Home menu in order to download your shippable orders. The system will only download orders that are up to a month old. Also, orders that are voided within the Lime Light CRM will remain as approved in the Shipworks console; therefore, you will need to manage your voided orders manually within Shipworks.


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