Platform Release: 11/30/2017

Platform Enhancements:


  • MID Group - Load Balancer:  The MID Group Routing setting will now “Group” or “Separate” multiple transactions from the same customer according to MID Group. This setting can be forced or preferred, depending on the strictness you wish to set the rule. This rule prevents issues such as card sharing between corporations.

See our Help Center article for more details

  • MID Group - Intelligent Cascade profiles now enable you to  choose to “Maintain MID Group” from the previously declined transaction.

See our Help Center article for more details

  • The NewOrder method now supports capturing a ‘prior auth’ performed through the authorize_payment method



  • The Kount integration now supports sending zero dollar initial orders via the ‘Send 0 Dollar Orders’ flag in the profile configuration to subsequent rebills to be run through Kount screening
  • LimeLight now integrates with IcanPay credit card gateway integration.  For configuration information check out the Help Center article for more details
  • LimeLight now integrates with ZiftPay credit card gateway integration.  For configuration information check out the Help Center article for more details
  • The Allied Wallet gateway integration now accommodates forced order rebilling from one Allied Wallet  gateway to another Allied Wallet gateway
  • eMerchant requests are no longer sending [test_transaction] => 1 when the Test Mode is Off

Bug Fixes/Minor Enhancements:

  • Load Balance Advanced Campaign Routing now accommodates more than 10 campaigns
  • Line item partial refunds are now reflected in the order level totals
  • myProviders Fraud provider profile fields now reflect the legacy fields
  • myProviders Email provider profile fields 1 - 5 are no longer duplicated
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