Platform Release: 11/16/2017

Platform Enhancements:

  • MID Group - Phase One is now live enabling you to create the Corporate/grouping structure of your MIDs.  Within the Gateway Profile you can now associate multiple MIDs together under one Group name for added routing capabilities.

Phase Two will come at the end of November, bringing MID Group logic to Load Balancing and Intelligent Cascade. You will then have the ability to Force Group, Prefer Group, Force Separate, or Prefer Seperate multiple transactions from the same customer according to MID Group. Prevent issues such as card sharing between corporations.

See our Help Center Article  for more details

  • Gateway/MID Profiles have  a number of new fields, including Merchant Account details and Additional Fee fields that integrate with Analytics Profit & Loss Dashboard.
  • Returns, Refunds, and Stop Subscription functionality has been added to the Order Details. Now you are able are able to return, refund, & stop subscription at the individual product level instead of only at the order level.  
  • myProviders is live!

myProviders is a one-stop for all things Provider-related within LimeLight. You can now  manage all of your providers, modify profile settings, search and filter by type, and much more!  If it is provider related, myProviders is where it will be.

Check out the Help Center Article for how to use the features

  • my.limeLight is now available!

Forgot your domain? No problem, with my.LimeLight you can now create a unique user to access multiple CRM accounts all from the same place. As an admin, you can also grant Single Sign On access to eligible providers.

Learn more at in our Help Center Article

  • We’ve added three new tokens to Email Templates.  {cardtype} appends the card brand, Visa/MasterCard etc.,  {cclast4} appends the last 4 digits of the card charged, and {boletopaymenturl} appends the PayU Boleto Payment Receipt URL.  For more information on creating email notifications check out the Help Center Article.



  • The NMI gateway integration  now sends the [billing_method] parameter for initial orders with the value of "recurring" when the order has at least 1 recurring product.
  •  The Braintree gateway integration now sends a CVV on initial orders when CVV Present?  is set to Yes in the gateway profile.
  • The gateway integration rebill pre-auth functionality now accommodates rerouting transactions to a different gateway
  • The Paay SDK is updated to the most recent version for 3D Verify functionality
  • Support added for Boleto payment type to the PayU gateway integration

Bug Fixes/Minor Enhancements:

  • The Campaigns multi-select size of the employee campaign permissions ‘pop-up’ in User Accounts increased to support longer campaign names
  • Date input in Admin > Queue Export to now accommodates date entry in either (M/D/YYYY) or (MM/DD/YYYY) format
  • The Orders pending posts to fulfillment System Notification timing now prevents premature emails from being sent
  • Added {ancestor_id} token to post back URLs
  • PayU integration now supports values up to 12
  • Fixed functionality for restore deleted order
  • Fixed issue with storing plus sign in the CAVV value for 3D Verify
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