Gateway MID Configuration

Gateway/MID Profiles have been enhanced with additional fields, including Merchant Account information fields to assist with future routing functionality. The “MID Group” within the Gateway Profile will allow you to associate multiple MIDs together under one group name for added routing capabilities.

To start using the MID grouping, you will need to configure the additional merchant account fields within each of your gateway profiles.  The below illustration will be what you will need to configure for each gateway profile. For Example, if you are attempting to group your MIDs by corp name, you would use MID Group field to specify the corporation name on the MID. 



Click HERE for further information on Merchant Account Details

Example: Group

If you run your step 1 to MID Group A, the step 2 would only select gateways within the load balance with the same MID Group A.

This technology will also be incorporated to the Cascade profiles where you can now choose to “Maintain MID Group” from the previous declined transaction.


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