Analytics Release: 11/16/2017



  • Sales by Retention Drill Modification. Sales by Retention Drill Modification: Added "conversion" measure to the "Affiliate ID" drill. You will need to click on the campaign Id to drill further.
  • Chargeback Alerts Dashboard - subscribed. This Analytics dashboard allows users to distinguish between an actual refund and/or chargeback that is processed by different sources (i.e., agent, Ethoca, Chargebacks911, etc).
  • Tax Report -- Add totals to the orders and refunds. To make it easier to reconcile, we have added additional measures to the Tax Report (in Analytics) that includes totals Gross Revenue, MCB Lost Revenue and Total Refunded and Net Revenue.

Decline Manager Dashboard Date Criteria Modification. Modified the date range query to now look at the transaction date of each individual Decline Salvage attempt.

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