Analytics Release: 11/2/2017


  • Report Updates.
    • Sales By Retention Product Dimension Drill. We added the ability to change the dimension from Campaign to Product. To do so, simply click on the Campaign and there is an option to organize the data by Product.
    • Fulfillment Reconciliation Shippable Orders Drill. We added the ability to drill by clicking the Shippable Orders measure to view resulting data by Order ID.
    • Straight Sale Filter. This new data filter allows users to isolate straight sale orders.


  • Filter Enhancement w/ Saved Reports. An enhanced filter has been applied to the Reports (not on Legacy Reports) with the objective to improve usability as well as provide the ability to save reports. Ultimately, this new improved filter will roll into Analytics as well.  


Bug Fixes:

Sales by Gateway Report Bug Correction.The query for the refunded amount previously was double counting upsells and has been fixed.

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