Analytics Release: 10/26/2017



  • Transact Select Dashboard. This enhancement to the presentation of the Transaction Select dashboard should provide a clear picture on the nature of blocked customers to more easily assess the Transaction Select potential benefit. It now displays only customers (in the control group) that would have been blocked by the service had they been randomly assigned to the Test (Transaction Select) group.


  • New Report Updates. Improved the New Reports to integrate user feedback on the following items:
    • Sales by Gateway. Void/refund count added
    • Employee Activity. Refund amount added to drill
    • Sales By Campaign. Added columns for coupons used count and enabled drilling to the respective OrderIDs.
    • Legacy Report Doorway Page. This temporary solution allows users to access any of the Legacy Reports from a single page. It's purpose is to allow users that are having issues with the New Reports that cannot be resolved to get into the Legacy Reports.


Bug Fixes:

  • Sync User Permissions between Legacy and New Reports. Added a script to sync permissions between Legacy and New Reports that indicates the following.
    • IF user has ACTIVE permission, BY TYPE, to either Legacy report or New Report mark the permission ACTIVE in NEW Reports permission
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