Reports Common Questions

How do I download a report?

  1. Go to the report that you are interested in under the "Reports" menu and hover over the area with a red box around it in the image below.2017-10-24_13-49-25.png
  2. Three dots will show up.
  3. Click the dots and select the option to "Download Data."2017-10-24_13-55-32.png
  4. You will have a number of options to download the data (including in Excel).
  5. After you've chosen the file format you desire, click "Download."

Why is my data not lining up between the Legacy Reports and the New Reports?

The data is correct. Thus far, 100% of the time, the issue the that the ending dates are not the same because the language in the new reports is different than the language on the Legacy Reports. In Legacy Reports, the Date Range is set as “from date X through date Y” with both the “From” and the “To” including the date set. In New Reports, the Date Range setting is slightly different and is set as “from date X until (before) date Y” with the “From” including that data and the “until (before)” NOT including data for the date indicated.  To include data from the specified end date in Analytics then the Date Range should be set for one day longer than wanted. (desired end date + 1)

In the below example, data from February 20th would NOT be included:

How do I get to the Legacy Reports?

  1. Go to the report that you are interested in under the "Reports" menu and scroll to the bottom of the page.
  2. Click the link to the Legacy Report.2017-10-24_14-35-34.png


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