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Disclaimer:  Please be advised that what we show in this article are prototypes.  Some things may change before the final release of this enhanced feature set.


In this page you will have a list of all your customers that have had successful orders.  This list will show the customer name, email address, phone, and status.




Under every customer name, you will see the options to view, edit, and delete.  Below is a brief explanation of these choices:

View:  This will show you the customer’s information.  When selecting ‘view’, a box will pop up with the customer’s first name, last name, phone number, email address and the tax exempt type as illustrated below:



Edit: This will bring you to the customer details.  When selecting ‘edit’, it will navigate to the customer details page which will provide you with a breakdown of the customers purchase history. Please see illustration and explanation below.

Delete: Select this if you would like to delete the customer.


Customer Details:



Section 1:

Within section 1 of this page, you will see the numbers by customer. Please see below for a brief explanation:

Subscriptions:  This will show you the number of Subscriptions the customer has, and also the number of orders, if they are not recurring.

Credits & Refunds:

This will show you the total numbers of credits & refunds issued for the customer.  This includes the refund and decline count.

Orders: This will show you the total number of orders, and will break down to the number of approvals and declines.

Lifetime Value: This is the customer lifetime value based on the total purchased amount.


Section 2:

This section will give you a breakdown of the customer’s orders.  The columns contain the order id, order creation date, product purchased, order total, campaign, gateway and status.  Within this section, you have the option to select the column search option next to ‘Bulk Actions’ to search specifically by column.  When navigating to the ‘Orders’ drop-down menu within this view, you have the option to select ‘Subscription’, which will bring you to another page will all of the customer’s subscriptions.  Please see the Subscriptions section below for more information.


Section 3:

This section is going to provide you with a breakdown of all notes added to the customer orders.  You can also use the ‘Column Search’ symbol to search specifically by column, in case you are searching for a specific order note.



Customer Details: Subscriptions

The subscriptions view will look very similar to the Customer Details view, but will be focused on the customer subscriptions.


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