Single Sign On API


Single Sign On functionality is intended for third party Customer service providers logging in to a LimeLight domain.

Please see the attached file at the bottom of the page for an example of how to implement and receive the link necessary for LimeLight Single Sign On.


The required fields to make a successful request are:

  • Platform-Key (This will be given to you by LimeLight)
  • department_id (These will be given to you by LimeLight)
  • username (your agents should have unique usernames in order to track activity of an agent)
  • fullname (full name of the agent)


To perform the request, you will send a cURL request to https://<APPKEY> where <APPKEY> is the client that you are requesting the token from. For example, a request would be sent to

In the headers of the request, include the following:

  • Content-type: application/json,
  • Platform-Key: <PLATFORM_KEY>

The <PLATFORM_KEY> value will be provided to you by LimeLight.


Finally, for the data portion of the cURL you will include the parameters for the request in JSON format. The required fields are listed above. There are optional fields that can be added to the request:

  • campaign_id (This is a csv of the LimeLight campaign IDs that the user will have permission to, if you leave this parameter blank, LimeLight will assume that the user has access to all campaigns)
  • email (the email address of the agent)
  • call_center_did (inbound phone number the customer called into)
  • customer_cid (customer phone number via caller ID)

The response returned will be in JSON format. The values returned are as follows:

  • success
  • code
  • url
  • message
  • status
  • descriptor


A successful response will return a success of 1 and code of 200.

Any failures will return a success of 0, the code for the failure that occurred, and a message with a description of why the request has failed.



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