Getting Started Video Series

LimeLight is powerful stuff! Built to drive the growth and success of your business through its many features. Agile billing, flexible campaigns, integrated cross-functional data, sophisticated Analytics, and best in class integrations – but you have to start somewhere. This is that place.

In this article, we’ve put together a collection of videos that pertain to the core building blocks of how to setup and use Lime Light. Through this tutorial, you’ll not only learn some basic terminology and see key functions, but you’ll quickly learn how to setup the core, reusable pieces of your business, and then bring them together into a Campaign that you can quickly and easily bring to market.

Because of these natural dependencies, we have purposefully organized the below videos to keep you on track, to get you up and running quickly, and to maximize your knowledge of Lime Light – so we do recommend that you watch them in order. Then, to truly become a LimeLight Pro, once you have watched the videos and become familiar with these core features, we invite you to schedule an onboarding session with one of our Technical Support experts.

Last, for pretty much any question you might have, our Help Center is packed with tons of articles and videos on functions ranging from processing, to Analytics, to 3rd party integrations. And if you still have questions, our Support Team is always available.

Video Index

  1. Add Your Products
  2. Create a Product Bundle
  3. Set Up Billing Models and Create an Offer
  4. Set Up Your Integrations (Providers Page)
  5. Set Up Shipping, Return, and Sales Tax Profiles
  6. Create Customer Email Notifications
  7. Create Your Campaigns
  8. Place and Manage Orders
  9. Manage and Segment Your Customers
  10. Manage Your Declines
  11. Create User Accounts, API Accounts, Manage Permissions
  12. Help & Support Resources

1. Categories and Products

  • Create your Categories and Products

2. Product Bundles

  • Create a Product Bundle
  • Learn the different types of Product Bundles

3. Billing Models and Offers

  • How to create various Billing Models
  • Create an Offer that contains several Products and Billing Models

4. Providers

  • Where to add your different third party Providers

5. Shipping, Return, and Sales Tax Profiles

  • Shipping Groups and Methods
  • Return Profiles
  • Sales Tax Profiles for specific regions

6. SMTP, Email Templates, and Trigger Events

  • Setup automated Email Notifications based on certain triggers that happen to an order or subscription
  • Learn to setup and understand the relationship between SMTP servers, Message Templates, and Trigger Events
  • Review the various types of Message Templates, their intended use, and how to create your own
  • Understand how to tie a Trigger Event to a Product so that your desired Message Template sends to the customer at the appropriate time

7. Campaigns

  • Learn where to configure your Campaigns and add Products to them
  • Understand the ways to integrate your front end or storefront: through APIs or our Wordpress Plugin
  • Implement the various Campaign Options: adding third party providers, including separate billing fields, blocking pre-paid cards, BIN blocking, allowing custom pricing, applying a daily subscription limit, utilizing collections, and more
  • Briefly review the Campaign features available: editing, copying, disabling, archiving, and deleting Campaigns

8. Manage and Place Orders

  • Place a New Order
  • Manage existing Orders
  • Learn the various customer service activities found within the Order Details page
  • Order Features available from the Orders page

9. Prospects, Customers, and Segments

  • How LimeLight defines a Prospect
  • Create and manager your Prospects
  • Manager your Customers
  • Learn to build Segment lists

10. Decline Manager

  • Decline Manager and schedule your salvage attempts

11. User and API Accounts

  • Create User Accounts
  • Customize Department Templates for your User Accounts
  • How to create API Accounts
  • Customize Department Templates for your API Accounts

12. Help and Resources

  • Where to find your Setup Guide
  • Access our Help Center Articles
  • Access our API Documentation
  • Learn your options to contact Technical Support, Client Success Managers, and scheduled Training Sessions