Analytics Release: 10/12/2017


  • Add Campaign Dimensions to Traffic Attribution. The new traffic attribution functionality that we’re developing and have just released the first dashboard for (Conversion Rate dashboard) will now include the Google Analytics parameters “UTM_Source” , “UTM_Medium, and UTM_Campaign” to allow granular reporting on the Google Campaign parameters directly within Lime Light Analytics. If you are interested in enabling traffic attribution so you can report on the source of each of your orders, please contact support and they will instruct you on the steps you’ll need to complete. We have videos and support material to accommodate these requests.
  • Overview Dashboard. Straight Sale Orders. Straight sale orders are now reported on the “Overview Dashboard.” This is the first page you see when logging into the platform.

Bug Fixes:

  • Sales by Product Report Measure Fix. The Sales by Product report (within "Reports new"), has been improved to remove a portion of declined orders that were previously included in the calculation. This is not as accurate as it can be so we made the change to the new reports. Please note that the old reports will not have this update made to it as we are encouraging all users to stop using the old reports and to use the new reports moving forward.
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