Platform Enhancements:

  • The Intelligent Cascade user interface has also been given a much-needed face lift! While the baseline functionality remains the same, the new interface displays to you a real-time process flow, showing you how an order will cascade - all on the same page, all while you build it!

Also, to make your lives a touch easier, we’ve upgraded the multi-select functionality to allow you to use key word searching to find gateways.  No more endless scrolling to find the right gateways!

For more information on the updates, see our Help Center article here: https://help.limelightcrm.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003651446-Overview-of-Intelligent-Cascade-Profiles



  • Updated the NMI gateway integration to send the billing_method parameter for initial orders with the value of "recurring" when the order has at least 1 recurring product
  • The Braintree gateway integration is now able to send a CVV on initial orders when CVV Present? is set to Yes in the gateway profile 
  • Updated the Checkout.com gateway integration rebill pre-auth functionality to accommodate rerouting transactions to a different gateway
  • Updated the Paay SDK to most recent version for 3D Verify functionality


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed order creation issues with 3D Verify on one-page webforms…sorry about that, it works now.
  • Updated profile validation when editing an existing API user account when a department has already been selected
  • Updated RMA and Return profile logic to allow order returns to recognize RMA profiles
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