Analytics Release: 10/05/2017


  • Conversion Rate Dashboard (Traffic Attribution). Conversion Rate is the number of orders divided by the number of visits. We now have the ability to allow you leverage your Google Analytics reporting on visitors/sessions to create the critical “conversion rate” measure. Use this measure to understand when your landing pages are over and under performing to make the best possible media buying decisions. Whether you buy your own traffic or go through affiliates 100% of the time, this new dashboard will arm you with powerful information that will have an immediate impact. Unless you connect your Google Analytics account to your LimeLight CRM, the dashboard will obviously not work but we have put a screenshot of what the dashboard looks like so you can evaluate if you would benefit from it.



  • Forced Billed Measure to Customer Service Dashboard. Updated the "Orders" measure from transactions to approved transactions, added drilling capability to the "CSR Orders" data element and added Forced Billing data elements (count and amount) to the dashboard. We also added the Forced Billing data elements to relevant reports (under the Reports new menu).  



  • Sales by Prospect Report Conversion Rate Measure Update. The Conversion Rate measure on the Sales by Prospect Report (under the “Reports new” menu) was updated to prevent double counting customers after the first order against a campaign. This measure will now ONLY count the initial order placed by the prospect on the campaign and will no longer include additional orders.


  • Fulfillment Reconciliation Drillable Fields. The Fulfillment Reconciliation Report (under the “Reports new” menu) now has drillable fields that show the Order ID, Order Date/Time, Product IDs, Shippable Product Count, RMA Date, Return Date, Return Reason, and Status.
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