Platform Enhancements:

  • Transaction Select has been upgraded! You can now select either the Managed or the Manual Service, and with the Managed Service you can select your Risk Tolerance (H/M/L). You still get the same benefit of LimeLight’s algorithm expertise, but you now have the ability of changing the tolerance level any time you please! The Transaction Select user interface has also been given a face lift.  For more information on all the changes, see our Help Center article here: https://help.limelightcrm.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002616346-Transaction-Select
  • We have added a new Client Config Settings page to the platform, within this page you can manage key settings for your domain.  The first setting available is the Recurring Cron schedule which allows you to set the time for the Recurring Cron to start.  This page will not be automatically available to all Admin users.  Only the ‘Primary’ on the domain will initially have access, they will have to enable permission for other Admin users.  Please keep in mind that the setting will affect the entire domain. Check out the Help Center article here: https://help.limelightcrm.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004769563-Client-Config-Settings
  • A new Feedback & Recommendations section has been added to the System Notifications panel that will allow you to revisit any system related announcements or feedback requests that you may have missed (think “History” for things you missed our can’t remember). For a full overview of our system notification functionality, check out the Help Center here: https://help.limelightcrm.com/hc/en-us/articles/212811066-Overview-of-System-Messages
  • New filter functionality has been added to all reports under the Reports new menu. This feature will be released to all reports and dashboards in the near future. The key features of this enhancement includes filters that can be saved for future use and filters are easier to use with clearer language surrounding their options.  For an overview of the Reports new menu, visit the Help Center here: https://help.limelightcrm.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002961663-New-Reports-Overview



  • Updated the ACTUM gateway integration endpoint to align with their new processing server
  • Updated the processing.com gateway integration endpoint to align with their new processing server

Bug Fixes:

  • Updated the existing Mail Chimp parameters to properly relay the merge_fields in the post
  • Updated the Order History Note functionality to include a note for all orders created through API for both ‘linked’ and ‘unlinked’ users
  • Updated the authorize_payment API call to send type=validate when validate_only_flag = 1 instead of type=auth
  • Fixed error received on two-page webform checkout with 3D Verify enabled gateways
  • Upgraded the 3D Verify checkout functionality to utilize a temporary token instead of API credentials
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