Analytics Release: 08/25/2017



  • Customer Service Dashboard Drilldown Enhancement. Updated the drill downs from the counts on the Customer Service dashboard that provides key measures to help to better manage customer service.
  • Updates: Kount Dashboard - Subscribed. Added additional measure to the Kount dashboard.
    • Unique Customer Decline % - Indicates the impact to conversion rate.
    • Sent Initials % - Indicates the proportion of total Initials that are submitted to Kount.


  • Unshipped Orders Field Added to Fulfillment Dashboard. We currently provided shipped % on the Fulfillment dashboard but not a field for "Unshipped Orders" and this is a key number we felt added depth to the dashboard. This change added a new field called "Unshipped" to the Fulfillment Data by Campaign table, where we also added a drill (when clicking on the "Unshipped" number) to view the unshipped orders.



  • Transact Select Dashboard Rework. Transaction Select leverages LimeLight’s managed algorithm to increase CLTV by preventing refunds, chargebacks, and in-trial cancellations. For clients that are subscribed to Transact Select, this newly enhanced dashboard will replace the previous dashboard used to asses the performance of the program.There are new summary measures that show new customers, blocked percentage, actual control group CLTV, cost of service, and a visual that shows the number of blocked transaction by day. Additionally, campaign level detail is now provided in this dashboard. These measures do not apply to test mode. The dashboard shows the following key measures that allow clients to understand the net benefit of running the Transaction Select value added service.
    • Processed Customers
    • Passed Customers
    • Blocked Customers
    • Approved Customers
    • Approved initials
    • Approved Rebills
    • Approved Recurring
    • Approved Total
    • Approved Rebill %
    • CLTV
    • Approved Revenue


  • Add Decline Number to the BIN Analysis Dashboard.


Bug Fixes:

  • Refunded % to Refund %.
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