Platform Enhancements:

  • We have enhanced Transaction Select to allow both managed and unmanaged profiles within the domain!
  • We added Risk Tolerance levels to the Transaction Select Managed Service allowing you to choose a Low, Medium, or High level of risk for the customers allowed through!



  • Updated Imagine Fulfillment integration endpoint to align with provider's endpoint upgrade
  • Updated Vantiv’s gateway integration endpoint to align with provider's endpoint upgrade


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the prepaid match field on the order details page to show correct Yes/No status
  • Updated the customer_find_active_product method of API to return any product that is part of one active subscription.
  • Fixed issue with removing chargebacks through the order_update method of API, chargeback=0 now removes the Chargeback status from the order.
  • Updated timing of monthly reset logic for load balance profiles to prevent Utility Cron & Recurring Cron overlap.
  • Removed Pending orders from the Subscription Management page to prevent orders from being forced to a different gateway between the authorization and capture as the transaction ID wouldn’t exist with the new gateway and an error would occur.
  • Resolved Access Denied error received by certain platform users when trying to place an order through the Place Order Page.
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