Analytics Release: 08/10/2017


  • Customer Service Dashboard. The new Customer Service dashboard is another operational dashboard addition that allows LimeLight clients to evaluate team members by providing employee-specific data elements such as the number of orders processed, canceled, and refunded. Additionally, the dashboard includes measures such as Close Rate, Canceled ratio, Refunded Revenue ratio, and Chargeback ratio. Use this dashboard to better understand the performance of each customer-facing team member.
  • Chargeback Dashboard Pie Chart. This new pie chart on the Chargebacks dashboard organizes the number of chargebacks into four sections/categories, including Less than 30, 30 to 49, 50 to 69, 70 to 89 and 90+. Each section can be drilled into for additional detail. The additional detail includes Gateway, Orders, Revenue, Chargeback count, MCB rate.
  • Free Form Field Filter Fields Change to Pull-Down Menu. Previously, the filters had free form fields that users had to type into. Now, the field is a pull-down list. This will help to ensure the accuracy of the criteria entered into the filter.
  • Legacy-New Report Update. Added drillable fields (to Order IDs and Created Date field) on the Fulfillment Reconciliation report (under “Reports new): Shippable Orders, Shippable Products, Orders Pending Post, Orders sent to Fulfillment, and Orders Sent Pending Tracking.


Bug Fixes:

  • Categorization Math Update: In places where the measure combined recurring (cycles 3+), the formula changed to add up the numerator as well as the denominator numbers where previously, cycle 3+ was the numerator and cycle 3 was the denominator. This update was made to the following dashboards: Processing and Order Analysis.
  • CLTV 30-90 & 90-180 Expenses. The CLTV 30-90 day measure and CLTV 90-180 days measure behind the drill on the Affiliate Analysis dashboard included all expenses (from the expense assumptions), which was incorrect. The formula was modified so only COGS is included in the expense portion of the formula.
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