Analytics Release: 08/04/2017



    • Predictive Analytics - Chargebacks. The Chargebacks Dashboard now includes two model-based prediction measures (Month End and Next Month Chargebacks) as well as provides a predictive moving average shows the projected number of chargebacks 30 days into the future. This  model leverages historical data from all clients to create a benchmarked prediction that is accurate across all client data. This new predictive measure was engineered to help Advertisers make data-driven load balancing decisions.
    • Fulfillment Dashboard. The purpose of this new dashboard is to show how effective fulfillment providers are at shipping products in a timely fashion. New measures such as "Avg Days to Ship," Shipped percentage and the percentage of shippable orders in the queue are included in this operations-focused dashboard. This dashboard can identify issues with inventory, shipping processes and ultimately attributes value to the performance of the fulfillment provider.
    • Processing Dashboard. The Processing dashboard replaces the Gateway Analysis. All of the previous data elements and measures that were on the Gateway Analysis will be included in the Processing dashboard. In addition MCB rate and Decline rate by Gateway/MID. This dashboard makes it easier to analyze by Gateway/MID.
  • Order Export Enhancement. The enhancement to the order export (located at Admin | Import & Export) adds Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), Vertical and Channels to the Order Export


Bug Fixes:


In-Trial Cancellation Measure Modification. We modified the In-Trial Cancellation Measure by removing declined initials from the denominator in the calculation. We also removed the straight sales orders the the denominator.

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